On the date of August 5, 2017 the weather was 80° with clear skies so the heat of the sun can bounce off each individual’s skin with a beam of glow. A great day one might say and a great day it was! Members of Enjoy Detroit along with over 2,000 other individuals set out on a mission that day to conquer a great feat known as the “Fun Mud Run”. The Muckfest run was a 5k obstacle course used to help raise awareness for people who battle or have been affected by MS (multiple sclerosis) while also showing strength, unity, and determination for completion.

Enjoy Detroit used sponsors to help show their unity for the cause wearing each organization that contributed on the back of their shirts to pay homage. Running over hills, crawling through tunnels of mud and also diving and swimming through feet of water the tasks were great but each person got through it with the help of each other and enjoying the adventure. A few people getting minor injuries made the entire journey into a battle zone so the finish line became a great milestone of victory that brought everyone together and was  a totally different aspect from your average 5k run. Below we have pictures and some video footage of the Muckfest Run so you can see how messy we got!
Thank You to Enjoy Detroit  Sponsors
  • See.Ce3rd
  • Drawer
  • Ambrit Entre Art Emporium
  • Artist Jenai Jackson
  • BAE Generation
  • BAR 7
  • Big Go Ent
  • BRIX
  • Cass Tech – Enjoy 2020
  • Chase Great Enterprises
  • Chocolate Curlies
  • Choice Chels
  • Christopher Horne
  • Crowd
  • CYX Express
  • Detroit Does Well
  • Detroit Helping Hands
  • Detroit Sign Factory
  • Drizzle Dreams
  • Enjoy Detroit Police
  • Fit By Chrisy G
  • G4E
  • Good Eats Sauce Company LLC
  • Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc
  • JayZ Custom
  • Kristy Love Media
  • Motor City Elite Entertainment
  • Perfect 10 Mixlogy
  • PR & Marketing Company
  • Renaissance Social
  • SBOY Printing
  • SBOY Reese
  • State Representative: Jewell Jones #HOLLA
  • The Car Doctor
  • The Umbrella Movement
  • The Weave Shop
  • Well Connnected



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