SBOY Printing’s own Detroit artist, Eccentric Danny, put on an event titled The Golden Brush which was a 24 hour project catered to the positive aesthetic and energy that drives this beautiful city. Images that cultivate the culture, history, landmarks, and upbringings are all utilized.
Different mediums like oil paint, acrylics, spray paint, fabric, and markers were incorporated to bring each artists visions to life. An artist talk, followed the weekend after, let each artist explain their piece to a room filled audience in which they received awards and also complimentary merchandise dedicated to their partaking in the Golden Brush.
Each artist had a blast as they shared several moments including motivating one another and even an experience when one artist fell off a ladder and got back up! Tired after, but amazed at their creations, each artist was able to leave a landmark of appreciation for their hometown. You can see this mural inside of our SBOY Printing headquarters located downtown in Detroit. Address is 1938 Franklin St. suite 106 (The Elevator Building). In the meantime check out some photos taken of each creation.

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