Over the summer of 2017, Sboy Printing has had the pleasure of employing 3 youth from Teen Hype and The YMCA, through the GDYT youth employment program. Through the span of 8 weeks, the employees were exposed to various skills such as community outreach, marketing, customer service, and brand development. Sboy Printing values positivity and the progression of the community through our youth, making the internship experience great.

The employees were able to engage in team building activities like kayaking and the youth power fest. During their working experience, the employees were exposed to many people, whether it was customers or colleagues, allowing the interns to pick up on communication and life skills. An intern, Marko Harden, was asked how he felt about the internship.

“It was a really good experience. I learned a lot from it. I want to pursue my own printing company. Without the internship, I don’t think I would’ve seen the light. It really took me out of the darkness and now I see the path I want to make.”

This is just one of the ways Sboy Printing engages and gives back to our community.


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